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David Duchovny shirtless and in handcuffs… I love the X-Files.

"Nachos don’t make any sense, I hate nachos" I say as I start eating another plate of nachos

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  • Donations for Darren Wilson mysteriously halt after reaching over $400K. Darren Wilson Gofundme page officially shut down!!!
  • The “Support Darren Wilson” Facebook page is deleting comments about basic financial questions and is urging supporters to


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Why People Hate Zach Braff 


"This is privilege. This is the face of privilege. It’s what people are backlashing against, basically. Yeah, his art is saccharine fluff aimed at people who think smart watches and Google Glass are cool ideas, but who cares. There’s a lot of that out there. Most of the mid-level indie crap out there fits that definition. No, what makes Braff special, and what has earned him this backlash, is his insistence that his brand of saccharine fluff cannot be altered by others, that it must be taken pure, and that he’d like others to pony up for it."

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this is a ghost

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This is the cutest freaking reptile I’ve seen in a long time.

They look like lizards, but aren’t- the tuatara are part of a distinct lineage from lizards, and are endemic to New Zealand. They have a third, parietal eye on the top of their head, have no external ears, and are believed to be capable of living up to 200 years.

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